Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is one of the newest, hilarious games played and watched all over the world. Also known as bubble soccer, bubble balls, zorb football and bumper balls, the game is played mostly indoors in sports halls or on grass.

Bubble ball is a combination of football and zorbing and the only thing that makes it different from football is the use of special inflated body zorbing ball that the players use. It is one of the safest fun games to play with very simple rules. These special inflated balls used by the players come in different sizes to protect them effectively from every angle. Their sizes range from 1.2 meters to 1.7 meters in diameter depending on the size and height of the player.

Bubble ball can be played by anyone above the age of ten years. It is mostly played among corporate, schoolmates, families and friends. It is mostly used for corporate team building and various parties.

Bubble sport is a recently introduced sport that is taking the world by storm. What began in Norway has spread progressively to Europe, New Zealand and the United States. It’s an interesting and amusing sport to both watch and participate in. The bubble football suits cover your head and torso therefore securing you completely in the case of any falls. It is specifically designed that way to enhance your safety. You can go ahead and take a hit without worrying about getting hurt.

It incorporates both football and zorbing. Players tackle each other to take possesion of the ball and score goals for their team just like in any football game. The only difference is the bubble suit which ensures that they keep bumping into each other on the field. This is just one example of the games that you can play while in this suit. Other common games include two players like in a Sumo wrestling match, trying to knock and push each other out of a circle.

It is suitable for that team building experience with your work colleagues, family get togethers or a hangout activity with your friends. It is recommended that anyone irrespective of gender from the ages of 10 and above is best suited for the game. We offer different bubble packages from 16, 10, and 6, among others depending on the occasion you require it for. The bubble suits come in a wide assortment of colors and types for your taste and preference.

Our bubble balls are made from high quality material. They also come in a vast array of sizes so that no one is left out. The package includes air pumps, repair kits equivalent to the bubble packages, and free logo prints upon request. We provide free shipping to make it convenient for you. Purchase our bubble suits today and get that party started.