Bubble Tent

Bubble Tent

Our inflatable bubble tents have several benefits which you don’t want to miss out on. They include;

  1. It has a wide variety of uses.

Bubble tents can be used during family camping expeditions. It is also great for the kids as they get to also experience their first camping experiences even in your backyard. There are many more outdoor activiites that the everbody can engage in with the tents. Entertaining guests or events in your home is also made easier with this inflatable tent.

  1. It is an economical option.

If you are planning to go for vacations with family and friends, consider getting this tent. Vacations can be very expensive affairs especially with the accomodation costs involved. These tents will save you on related costs and the good thing about it is its portability.

  1. It is portable.

That means that wherever you’re travelling to, you can always carry it with you if it’s needed. The beach, a new town you’re visiting or even setit up in the garden and relax a bit.

  1. It is enclosed.

This provides protection from weather conditions like rain or extreme sunlight. It also provides privacy for your alone time with family, friends, or business colleagues.

  1. It can be great for your business.

You could use your buble tent for exhibitions of your products and services. You don’t have to scurry away when the weather becomes unconducive because you and your business are protected. Money that would have otherwise been spent on rental stands will be put to some other good use.

  1. Renting them out.

While we provide affordable bubble tents, we understand that you may not use them as often. This would be a good chance to rent them out and make some extra cash on the side.

You still have doubts about purchasing our multi-purpose inflatable tents? There are many more ways you can get creative and pro-active with these tents. Order yours today.

Bubble tent within easy reach. There are on the one hand a multitude of inflatable structures and on the other hand temporary constructions of easy assembly and dismantling, but the bubble tent combines the advantages of the two types of constructions.

The houses, which lack a rigid structure, are bubbles that give the sensation of being in a protected space but without a roof.
They are inflated with special turbines that maintain their shape and composition with a minimum noise emission. In fact inside the house does not perceive any sound or vibration transmitted from the engines.
In addition the turbines renew the air of the interior, eliminate the pollen and all the problems of humidity and condensation. Inside the air is cool and filtered, there are no mosquitoes and the acoustics are especially reassuring.

The bubbles can be placed in the blink of an eye, to make a pleasant and protective nest wherever you want and when you want. In your garden you can make a guest room in which the only roof will be the starry sky.
A play area for children, a quiet place to disconnect or for example, a meeting area at an outdoor fair, a booth at an exhibition, a special place for a family meal or a space where to make a romantic dinner For two The applications are multiple and as varied as your imagination allows.
The bubbles have been designed so that they can be close to a building or in the middle of nature since they are self-sufficient and do not need to be connected to electricity for many hours.