Inflatable Foot Dart

Inflatable Foot Darts

This is a favorite pastime to loosen up in the company of work colleagues, friends or family. It is a sport and an art at the same time. Given that it involves physical activity, it acts a stress reliever and a great mood booster. This creative mix of darts and football will have you reeling in excitement.

If you are involved in a competition, there are a number of things you might want to consider before you begin the game. Just like there are techniques to a normal sport or football game, here is how you can show dust to your opponents;

  1. Position of your feet.

Use the same foot you would as if you were throwing a dart. If you are left handed, use your left foot. The angle of the foot is dependent on the player and the position that he/she is aiming for on the dart.

  1. Distance of your feet.

This determines your overall body balance. It is therefore important that the distance between your feet be similar to a normal stride. You may choose to exert your weight on one foot, or balance it evenly on both feet. Whatever you do, do not lift your back foot. This will interfere negatively with your balance.

  1. Position of your shoulder

Your back needs to be straight and comfortable to ensure that your shoulders are parallel with the inflatable dart board in front of you. Avoid leaning in too much. If you are uncomfortable, you will become tired very quickly.

While so many benefits can be derived from the game, the most important thing is to have fun. With no age or gender restrictions, don’t hold back. They are available in a wide array of colors, sizes and designs that tickle your fancy. Visit our website today and order your inflatable football dart.

You could be good at throwing inflatable foot darts. You could have fantastic scores. It really wouldn’t matter though if your inflatable foot darts keep bouncing off the inflatable foot dartboard if they won’t stick. Inflatable foot darts for sport or competition is a good skill to develop, especially if you’re a player. Not a good thing at all. And the sharp points will not stay sharp very long.
Many times a burr will form on a sharp pointed inflatable foot dart after sticking. Burrs are very bad for inflatable foot dart boards. To check for a burr, hold the inflatable foot dart with the tip.
So if you want to buy inflatable foot dart should be rounded. Rounded just like a ballpoint pen. Rounded tips do not damage an inflatable foot dartboard. They will slide on wires instead of reducing them. There are no curves thus no burr will form. Interestingly, rounded-tip inflatable foot darts will stick to an inflatable foot dartboard much more than will sharp-tip inflatable foot darts.