Water Ball

Water Ball

If you’re into water sports, you will love this water walking ball. You may also fancy being in the water but not getting wet. This is the best option for that. You can walk as the name suggests, run, skip, jump, bounce or roll. It is large, transparent and inflatable made either from PVC material or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). It contains a zipper for entrance and exit purposes. The approximate measurement of the balls is 2 metres in diameter.

Unlike zorb balls, it has only one layer and hence cannot be used for downhill zorbing. It is great during the summer or any other time for activities such as swimming, water parks, boating or even surfing experiences. Imagine being dragged on by a water boat or Jet Ski inside a water ball; now that is a thrilling experience.

This is also a fun way of working out without the pressure that comes with exercising. It enables you to get pro-active and have a good time while at it. Entertain your spectators as you struggle to balance and co-ordinate yourself inside the ball. You will have them rolling on the floor in laughter. It is a great chance to loosen up, be silly, and bond with family and friends or some alone time.

They come in stylish designs and a variety of colors. It is important to follow instructions of use to ensure safety while participating in the sport. Whatever the purpose it serves, rental or home use, the material is strong to endure multiple usage of the ball.

Wouldn’t it be great to bounce off the water instead of your normal swimming expeditions? Satisfy your curiosity and shop for our water balls today for an amazing and exciting water experience. We provide shipping to your required destination, secured payments, customer support and refund policies. We aim to give our highly esteemed customers the best there is.

This new and fun activity will delight both adults and children. Get inside the water ball and walk on water without fear of sinking. The feeling is amazing and the experience very interesting.
Come with your friends, with your family or celebrate your birthday with us and combine them with other activities that can be found anywhere: pony ride, multi adventure park, zip lines, rowing boats, rock climbing, children’s boats, tag laser maze, etc…