Zorb Ball

Zorbing Ball

The origin of Zorbing is New Zealand where the sport was first played in 1994. The recreation involves the rolling or movement of an inflatable zorb ball on either a steep or gentle slope. It is spherical in shape and a bit larger than your normal beach ball. It has widely grown to a global phenomenon. Metal tracks are available for the zorb balls to roll down on especially in areas where hills are absent.

The activity is an extreme outdoor sport but can also be practiced indoors. The experience is not limited to dry land. You can opt for a wet experience by adding some water inside the ball. The zorb balls are always transparent to enable viewing for the user. This is however quite challenging given the speed at which it rolls.

Its composition is quite complex. It is made up of two separate plastic balls; an outer and an inner plastic ball. The plastic material is 0.8mm thick and measures about six feet, six inches. The ball has either one or two entry and exit points. Its carrying capacity is one to three passengers at a time and there is plenty of oxygen to go by for all three of you.

A challenge you might want to take on while inside the zorb ball is remain upright and run as the ball turns. It is a thrilling and memorable experience. You could choose to be strapped in or ride free. The former accelerates the zorbing speed.

Our top priority is safety and this will be upheld so long as instructions of use are followed. This is a sport that both adults and youngsters can have a chance to participate in. Snow rolling, water walking or downward zorbing are some of the great recreation activities you get to enjoy with our zorb balls.

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