2017 Bubble Ball For Sale – 6 Balls Package

2017 Bubble Ball For Sale – 6 Balls Package

The sports of the future have arrived! Some call it Bubble Soccer as Knocker Ball and some call it Bubble Ball. Package of 6 bubble balls is suitable for a tiny group that wanna have fun with friends for the whole afternoon.


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Package Detail:

6 bubble balls
one air pump
6 repair kits

You can choose the types and colors you want of the bubble balls, for example: 3 red dot & 3 blue dot. 

There are 2 different materials of our bubble balls, PVC & TPU. Here is differences between these two materials. 

Our finished orders.

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The sports of the future have arrived! Some call it Bubble Soccer as Knocker Ball and some call it Bubble Ball. Notwithstanding what you call, we can promise you will be laugh, flip, roll and bounce until your tummy harms. We are frequently asked what the distinction is in the middle of Knocker Ball and Bubble Ball. The basic answer is, practically nothing. Both include giant inflatable bubbles worn over your abdominal area that permit you to fly securely through the air and chance upon others inside bubbles. Diversion, for example, bubble football, bubble soccer, ruler of the ring, and catch the banner can be played once inside the bubble.

Bubble soccer is an interesting, unique and full contact sport accompanied with laughter. It is arguably the best thing to have happened to soccer since the bicycle kick. Its speed of growth across Europe, Australia and now the US is the reason I’m bringing it to your attention.

This is the game for anyone who can walk. It involves playing soccer while carrying approximately a 20lb inflatable ball or bubble on your shoulders. This allows you to bump, roll and flip down the field as you laugh.

About the inflatable ball or bubble;

  • It is secured to the player via four contact points, which include;
  • Two cushioned safety straps that pass over the shoulder and under the arm, and two forward handles for the player to grip.
  • The bubble is usually positioned over the knee (for an average sized player).
  • Clearance from the player’s head to the top of the bubble is about 8 – 10 inches.

Note: Players MUST maintain all four points of contact during the game.

This game is safe and fun for;

  • Ages of 9 and above, with a minimum height of 1.3 metres.
  • Friends, family and colleagues.
  • Age mates, especially for the minors and young adults. This is so as to have a balanced game in terms of physique and strength abilities.
  • Community tournaments and leagues. These should have strict rules and regulations with the help of trained staff including referees.
  • Those free from any heart, lung or other medical condition or disease that might affect the player during the game.

Note: players below 18 years should have a waiver agreement signed by their parents allowing them to play.

This is a great game for any occasion such as;

  • Parties, corporate events, team building events, school field days, church events, youth groups, charity fundraisers and carnivals.
  • It can be played in; Athletic field facilities, parks, recreational centres, courts, gyms, large auditoriums and universities’ or schools’ open fields.


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