2017 Bubble Ball For Sale – 24 Balls Package

2017 Bubble Ball For Sale – 24 Balls Package

24 bubble ball kit is suitable for football club or group activities. We can give you big discount with this package.


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Package Detail:

24 bubble balls
4 air pumps
24 repair kits

You can choose the types and colors you want of the bubble balls, for example: 3 red dot & 3 blue dot. 

There are 2 different materials of our bubble balls, PVC & TPU. Here is differences between these two materials. 

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Every group assigns one of their players to be the football; it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, to be the football. At the point when one group is on offense, the objective of the football is to get into the end zone. Others in the group need to obstruct for him/her. The barrier means to thump the football down or beyond the field of play. On the off chance that they can do that, it considers one down. The offense has two downs to get their football into the end zone.

Bubble soccer is simply a revolution of football full of action and fun. Unlike football, players wear inflatable bubbles on their heads covering their shoulders and stomach, leaving their legs and feet in the open. The intention of the game is to bump into opponents and knock them down so as to pave way to score goals. Bumping into an opponent causes one or both of you to fall on the ground, from where you bounce and roll while inside your inflatable bubbles. The game is safe to play though it is also recommended;

  • To wear standard athletic clothes and closed shoes without cleats.
  • To avoid wearing eye glasses or sun glasses, jewellery, belts, and watches among others during the game.
  • To wear knee pads to protect and make it easier for you to get up after falling.

This game does not hold any discrimination as it is for all categories of people of different races, sex and age. The only group restricted are those aged 10 years and below. However, those aged 11 – 17 years need to have a signed waiver agreement by their parents or legal care takers.

It is strictly recommended to play this game on professionally padded floors for indoor playing grounds like basketball courts, tennis courts, gyms and parks. For outdoors, grassy playing fields free from dirt, stones, rocks and glass are recommended. This is all to ensure your safety so you can enjoy the fun during and after the game.

Bubble soccer is the perfect addition to any of your events as it will supplement it with more fun. For example, wedding parties, birthdays, fundraising meetings, anniversaries, family reunions, and many more.

You get to have some alone time with family and friends, as you bond and know  each other better while having fun all the same time.


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