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Like most team sports,  zorb body ball is a great avenue for building team spirit and developing relationship skills. Basically a mild fight-game that allows you to make fun of your friends and loved ones, lobby ball is a offers you a means to get the most bang out of your leisure hours. It is a delightful sport for both the on-lookers and the competitors, and offers great excitement for all genders and all age groups.



bubble balls
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You can choose the types and colors you want of the bubble balls, for example: 24 red dot & 24 blue dot. 

There are 2 different materials of our bubble balls, PVC & TPU. Here is differences between these two materials. 

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Every group assigns one of their players to be the football; it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, to be the football. At the point when one group is on offense, the objective of the football is to get into the end zone. Others in the group need to obstruct for him/her. The barrier means to thump the football down or beyond the field of play. On the off chance that they can do that, it considers one down. The offense has two downs to get their football into the end zone.

Bubble soccer refers to a sport which involves playing football while your upper body is encased in an inflated ring shaped tube or bubble. This tube covers your head down to your knees. The main objective is to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal, and the team that finishes with the highest number of goals merges as the winner. The overall rules and regulations of football do apply except for a few cases such as:

  • The number of players on the field is mostly less than 11 up to even 5 against 5 on each team.
  • There is no goalkeeper since the players’ hands are also encased inside the inflatable bubble.
  • Contact and fouling is part of the game. Players knock their opponents as an act of defending not to concede and attacking to score goals.
  • The pitch can be much smaller compared to that of football.

It is “contact and fouling” that makes this sport more interesting to play. When players get in contact by their bubbles, they fall on opposite sides and bounce as they roll down on the ground. It is this moment that players enjoy the most as they mostly laugh it off.

This sport is suitable for all ages above 10 years old. All players below 18 years are required to have a signed waiver agreement by their parent(s) or guardian(s) approving them to play.

Both indoor spaces and outdoor fields are good venues for the game, for example basketball courts, parks, gyms, football fields, to mention but a few.

Bubble soccer is more fun playing with people you know, like friends, colleagues, teammates, and family members among others. Hence can be a good addition to stag parties, birthday parties and corporate meetings.

You don’t have to buy the entire kit as you can still play by simply renting bubble soccer services.


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